Through continued hard work and dedication to personal professionalism, Mr Kapil has secured invaluable expertise in multiple roles and sectors within the industry.

This broad range of experience offers Ystad Buildcon Private Limited, numerous advantages over our competitors. We can offer our clients an extensive range of market proven services.  Whatever vision you have for your property, we possess the expertise to provide flexible and consistent service with the highest level of workmanship.


Beginning his career as a young contractor, Mr Kapil quickly advanced to greater responsibilities across multiple roles attaining a strong foundation in construction acumen. He expanded upon the practical trade skills by working in estimation and drafting with few of Gurgaon’s leading national building companies.

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Kapil Dev Sharma


Large Scale Projects:

Mr. Kapil went on to supervise large scale construction projects. During this period, he personally supervised lots of home constructions. This experience in managing large scale projects exposed Mr. Kapil to the many intricacies of complex project management.

Premium Custom Developments:

Seeking to gain further expertise, Mr. Kapil moved onto project management for Gurgaon’s premium design and construct builders. Primarily focussed on high-end custom-built homes, during this period Mr. Kapil developed expertise in quality service and workmanship for minor alteration works to large custom-built homes without compromise.

Ystad Buildcon Private Limited:

Ystad Buildcon Private Limited got its Company Identification Number issued by ministry of corporate affair in 2011 and has operated under the simple philosophy that our success is tied to our ability to work with our clients, in order to fully realise and deliver their vision through our broad knowledge of industry experience.


Kapil Dev Sharma